You Can Beat Anxiety, a FREE course

Anxiety can be a killer. It nearly took me out of ministry. A panic/anxiety attack made me think I’d lost my mind.

The doctor assured me “that 100 percent of people who have what you have come out of it.” Nice words, but not all that comforting when every problem I faced threatened its worst possible outcome.

We all have our worries and fears–sometimes even doubting God (you wouldn’t be reading this unless you feel that something is not right).

In the free course, we’ll explore some of the roots of your feelings, and then we’ll look at some things that you can do to change your life measurably. The book is relatively short, and you may want to follow up with some other reading. But, I can point you in the right direction.

We’ll look at six areas of concern:

  1. Why do you feel this way?
  2. Anxiety takes different forms.
  3. What causes anxiety?
  4. How you can learn to cope with anxiety.
  5. Why Christian leaders often hurt more than other people.
  6. How to let God worry instead of me.

My goal is to diminish the effect of anxiety on your life and help you hit the reset button on your mental computer.

The book serves as a roadmap to freedom. The five mp3 sessions are from radio shows I did as the Lord and a doctor helped me out of the tangle of fear that held me down.

I’m praying that they help you live in all the fullness of your life, family and ministry that God intends for you.

Please accept them as a gift.

Hit the “Courses” tab at the top of the page to access the material.

I’d like to hear comments, especially things you’ve learned from your own experience.