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We’ve designed everything to help you prevail as God’s unique masterpiece. I like to think that I can help you become a leader that you, yourself, would love to follow.


You’re called to lead others to their full potential and to satisfy the Great Commission–not an easy task. However, there are solutions to every problem. Even better, most difficulties conceal hidden opportunities. This site contains disruptive tools to help you look at tough situations from different angles, exposing the path to a better future. I’m here to share what I’ve learned through nearly five decades of making disciples and multiplying new congregations. 


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You’ll find help with whatever keeps you awake when you should be sleeping?

Static or shrinking numbers

Do you struggle with growth off a plateau? Or, have you lost numbers?
Did you lose people during the pandemic?
Do you need help motivating and mobilizing members?

Post-pandemic issues

How do you deal with Zoom fatigue?
Are you suddenly struggling to find a place to meet?
Will you hybridize to touch those who love an online experience and those craving face-to-face encounters?
How can you better utilize technology and social media in ways others haven't yet considered?

Balancing ministry and life

So how do you balance your personal spiritual life with a healthy home alongside a demanding ministry role?
Are you happy with life as you live it?
Are you a member of the growing army of bivo/covo pastors and church planters?
Do stress, anxiety and depression knock at your door?

Evangelism in a post-Christian environment

How will you equip your congretation to share faith in a world increasingly hostile to the church?
Do your people share faith or merely invite people to church?
Do you offer effective tools from your experience that lead to God without being preachy?
We'll help you with answers to all these questions and more.

Pivoting to a multiplication culture

Do you aspire to make discipes who reproduce and move from adding members to multiplying churches?
Do opinion leaders in your congregation share your vision and purpose?
Are you more driven by the Great Commission or by American church culture?
Could you shift your congregational culture to embrace multiplication over the next few years?

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