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Church Planting & Multiplication

Why Grandma Quit Having Kids

Let’s think about why my grandmother quit having kids. The truth is she was pregnant, probably 20 percent of her entire life as she lived

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Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries

Why That Way and Not Another?

The great danger in a church is doing things because “that’s the way they’re done.” Worse is the tendency to rely on trends, copying someone

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A Leader's Personal Needs

Forget Something?

Old guys like to remember the good times. I know – I’m old! But the 70s were more than a time of turmoil. Those were

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When Push Comes to Shove

China went soft on churches—for four decades. Then came a different government. Things are tougher now for all faiths, especially Christians. Not just tougher but

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Never Too Small to Multiply

Think you’re too small? Think again! How would you function if your church maxed at 80 people, shrunk back to 20 and then swelled again

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Bulletproofing Your Church

The Incredible Shrinking Church

Will the U.S. Church Survive? If So, In What Shape? Someone responded to a recent blog with two painful questions: At the present rate of

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Balancing Money & Mission

Time: The Fourth Dimension of Space

Buildings come with limitations—then again, they bring options we often overlook. Time and its implications for your church campus is a more significant issue than

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