So you want to write a book…

The world needs the information rattling around inside your brain.

I bet you’ve considered writing a book—nearly everyone has. But, if you’re like most people you probably don’t think your thoughts really measure up. Or, maybe you have too few connections to interest a publisher.

Whatever holds you back can hardly stand up to the tools Amazon now makes available to budding authors.

You can publish in either Kindle or paperback (or both) at zero cost to you, and you don’t need a large audience to make it worthwhile to yourself, your audience or to Amazon. The key is something called Print on Demand. We all understand this when it comes to Kindle or other e-books—the book lives on a hard drive until someone downloads it. And, now paperback printing works the same way.

Questions For You…

  • Do you have a great story, but a limited audience? Is your story worth reading?” Would it benefit even just a few hundred people? One of my friends wrote a book just for his family and close friends. The audience is tiny but the results are huge—click on the video, below, to hear about the surprising results he got.
  • Could you use a book as an ultra-effective business card?
  • Would you benefit from writing, as do U.S. presdents? Just about every candidate for President of the United States begins their campaign by writing a book. In a world of short sound-bites a book gives a person an opportunity to share their life, emotions, vision and values with an audience.
  • Could your church benefit from a book setting forth the vision and values for your church or ministry team. Since Amazon took the cost out of publishing you could bless a church of thirty people with a book detailing its history, values and God’s vision for it. And, the book will touch many more people than current attenders. You can give it to new people and your people will want to give it to their friends.
  • Would your children and grandchildren benefit if you wrote a book about the history of your family, including its hardships along with its victories?

If It’s Worth Reading, It’s Worth Writing

You may inspire families to hang together rather than suffer the pain of divorce. You may save someone’s life. My books on anxiety and stress continue to help people find their way out of the woods. I talk to thousands of people each year, but the books I wrote go to places I never will.

If you have something worth hearing it is worth saying. And, if you could write a book worth reading it is worth publishing.

I wrote a couple of books to help you get started. They will A. Show you what Amazon can do for you. B. Hold your hand while we get your thoughts into a readable format. C. Teach you the ins and outs of Amazon’s publishing tools and marketing your stuff.

The kicker is that you can do this without a big audience. Nor do you need to spend any up-front money at a “vanity publisher” where you pay someone to print your book then find yourself left storing inventory under your bed.

Electronic publishing seems set on conquering the world. Amazon adds the possibility of selling paperback versions of books at very little cost to themselves—this wonderful machine is all set to put your story into print.

Sorry if this seems like an infomercial (it sounds like one because that’s what it is). My mission is bigger than selling you a book on publishing, instead, it is to get you to consider following through with your own ideas. There are dozens of books written about Amazon and their publishing process. Some are probably better than mine. So do a little digging and see what you can find.

Also Learn…

If you do buy You Could Write For Amazon or The One Book Every Pastor Must Write, you’ll learn:

  1. How Amazon can afford to publish first time authors.
  2. Six benefits unique to Amazon.
  3. Seven ways in which Amazon will help you sell your book.
  4. Why Amazon pays authors nearly five times as much as conventional publishers.
  5. Three tools for smashing “writer’s block.”
  6. How to get past the first draft roadblock.
  7. Eight ways to hold a reader’s interest.
  8. A few simple disciplines to make your project much easier and fun to write.
  9. How to get by with a little help from your friends.
  10. Three simple devices to help sell any book.
  11. How to best display your expertise and authority on your chosen subject.
  12. Keyword tools designed to help readers discover your book.
  13. How to enlist readers to help others find your book.

I think readers of this blog would be interested to hear from others who’ve published through Amazon, so please tell us your story in the comments box below.