Church Planting: Germany 2017



Thanks for helping with church planting in Germany.

Bobby and Petra Gilbert work in Augsburg. Bobby works in a Catholic church while planting a church in a nearby home.

My friend, Randy Ishida, and I met with them for a day while traveling to do seminars with church planters in Russia.

We Met Under A Tree in Kailua Beach Park

Bobby started out with us the first Sunday under the tree at Kailua Beach Park in 1983. He and John Honold were friends at the time and excited about something new happening in Hawaii.

John went on to plant two churches. From there those congregations have multiplied into three Asian nations and several towns in Hawaii.

From the Air Force to Church Planting

Hawaiian boy meets European culture

Bobby went into the Air Force where he met Petra while serving in Germany. He returned as a bivocational church planter (earning a living as a landscaper). But things went slow for he and Petra. People suspected that he was starting a cult called, “Hope Chapel.”

Germans are mostly secular which is sad because of the great Christian heritage they gave us through Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation and many wonderful hymns. But, German people tend to identify themselves as either Catholic or Lutheran (a label they receive at birth).

Randy & the Gilberts in Munich

Bobby gained trust when he joined the Catholic Church. He now works for the church doing everything from gardening to youth work to occasional preaching. In a sense, he planted a church within a church while working as youth pastor to the young people of his city.

He’s now operating what we call a “microchurch” in a home. My friend Randy Ishida, who has planted two microchurches in Honolulu, is working with him as a long-distance friend and sometimes mentor.

Your Help Keeps Us Connected

Ruby and I with Gilberts on an earlier mission.

I get to see Bobby and Petra every couple of years. I stop over for a couple of nights when traveling to Africa, Russia or Western Europe. We spend time hanging out and scheming for the future.

The gifts you make to Mission Hope have helped provide trips to spend time with the Gilberts. This is a long-range project, but one that is bearing fruit.

Thank you for your gifts and please know that even $25 per month goes a long way toward guerilla church planting. You can donate below…


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