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In a Post-Christian Era

Life is easier with someone to guide you! Let me help you avoid potholes in your path.

New Equipping Tools 2x Monthly

Two fresh training videos each month with accompanying slide deck and mp3. Slides are designed for you to re-teach your team or you can show the videos.

Monthly Equippers Roundtable

Join Ralph and a new guest presenter each month for an exhilerating online discussion.

Access All Current And Future Courses

Currently a $997 value - this grows as future courses come online (see COURSES tab on the main menu).

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Get help with ministry choices or stick with what worked in the past.

Lead your congregation into a disciplemaking culture that penetrates the surrounding people groups.
Reproduce, or multiply your church.
Discover new ways to utilize the resources Jesus placed at your disposal.
Protect and bless your family despite the innordinate demands often placed on church leaders.
Become the kind of leader you would choose to follow.
Continue to build by attracting and adding members to your church.
You can pretty much count on similar results to those you experienced until now.
You may never fully develop resources already the Lord already provided.
Church life will continue to claw at your family. Your children will grow into the result of your choices.
Will you be a leader you would choose to follow?