Embedding Multiplication Deep Inside Your Church Culture

Why Culture Overwhelms Structure

Peter Drucker allegedly said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. If strategy is for breakfast, then your structure is for lunch. Your church culture overcomes any structural or strategic change you may implement. Even if restructuring manages to generate short-term change, culture will reassert itself. Culture refers to "the way we've always done it" or "the way we do things around here." The only way to achieve long-term cultural modification is to approach it at the level of core values. Your vision alone will never get the job done (especially if you stole it from someone else).

Do you crave more than the hustle of running programs and tweaking church meetings? Do you thirst to bring the life of Jesus into the lives of more people in your surrounding community?

Would you like to produce disciples that make disciples who make disciples? My guess is that you began ministry with visions of more impact than you’ve seen. We live in times where most churches report shrinking numbers. And much growth, when it occurs, often includes transfer members from neighboring congregations.

For many, yesterday’s dreams have died on the anvil of today’s realities. Along with negative church growth, only about seven percent of churches ever multiply. Just one church in 20 effectively reaches their neighbors for Jesus. And we don’t evangelize people who don’t look or speak like us.

Despite many of our best efforts to change all this, churches still struggle to bring Jesus beyond their campus to people with empty hearts.

Values Trounce Vision

If your vision doesn’t begin in the scripture, it is probably a fad.

You can’t repair culture by fixing mistakes, either. Your prevailing culture is what caused them. Culture being “the way we do it around here.”

Another new strategy will produce little more than the last one.

Not to worry. Change is possible–even easy. But it takes time. 

Embedding a multiplication culture is all about embedding biblical values in your church in a more effective way. 

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  • The Embedding Multiplication Culture course equips you to make disciples who make disciples through living examples coupled with a seven-stage process of change in nine lessons.
  • You’ll discover greater effectiveness as you critically analyze your congregation and your vision in light of New Testament realities linked to movement making principles at work in just about every country but our own. 
  • The course aids you as you progress from prayerfully addressing deficits and opportunities from the pulpit to gathering and discipling the early responders to your message. It coaches you with tools to include those early adopters as you plan value-based changes in the larger body. 
  • Most important will be the disciplemaking tools proven to transform a high percentage of your attenders into active disciplemakers, both in the congregation and in the marketplace.
  • If you want to reach others for Jesus in larger numbers, this course is for you!
   Multiplication Course:
   Embedding Multiplication Deep Inside Your Church Culture

  1→ Embedded Multiplication – The Hope Chapel Story

  2→ Revisiting Your Church Culture with McKinsey 7 Vision Tool

  3→ Scripture Pillars Upholding Your Multiplication Culture

  4→ New Testament Pivots to Multiplication (including your church)

  5→ Roadblocks, Tenacity and Communication Facing The Realities of Cultural Modification

  6→ Weighing Costs vs Opportunity in Church Multiplication

  7→ A Working Strategy Toward a Church Multiplication Culture

  8→ Seven Steps to Adopting a Church Multiplication Culture Without Breaking Wineskins

  9→ A Review and Implementation Process

  Includes 9 video teaching (with companion mp3), editable PowerPoints and CheatSheets.

Hi, I’m Ralph Moore and I think you and I may be a lot alike. 

I spent a lifetime in the tension between vision and values, structure and culture and their affect both addition and multiplication growth.

It was only as we re-aligned to the New Testament that we saw consistent disciplemaking and rapid multiplication of churches.

I’ve learned a few life-changing principles which I hope to pass to you. 

The churches I pastored each became a disciplemaking continuum multiplying into more than 2,400 congregations worldwide. You’ll learn how this kind of multiplication can become normative.

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