Ralph Moore travels the world coaching startup church multipliers. His criteria for accepting invitations are A. They have already planted a handful of churches. B. They can’t afford for him to come. The funds he raises pay exclusively for those travel costs (Note: Occasionally, Mission Hope will bring a church planter to a training event in the U.S.).

Research demonstrates that evangelism is more rapid during the first ten years of a new church than at any other time. Church planting is the best evangelistic tool in history.

In the last two decades, Ralph has taught and coached in The Philippines, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Japan, Sri Lanka, Equador, Bolivia, Brazil, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, England and the United States. The results are stunning. A church multiplication movement has grown out of his work (and books) in Mongolia, moving the needle to nearly five percent of the population up from just over one percent in 2000. The movement he serves in England grew from 16 churches to 46 in the past six years. This is bearing fruit.

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