Banner Courses are forged in the fire of give and take discussion. 

While concepts emerge from experience they get honed through the responses of others. Peer review, in the Live Coaching Cohort ties these teachings to current realities. Ralph’s experience coupled with feedback from those on the frontline keeps this current and practical.  

Multiplication Course:
Embedding Multiplication Deep into Your Church Culture

Peter Drucker is credited with the words, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

If strategy is for breakfast then your structure is for lunch.  Your church culture will overcome any structural change or any reorganisation. Leaders fail because they believe that a restructure will change the culture of a congregation.  

Culture describes “the way we’ve always done it.” Changing culture requires hard work and prolonged communication. Beginning from the pulpit it moves to a circle of early adopters. The circle widens to include other influencers and finally extends to the general membership.

This course guides you through that process while providing easily adapted tools to aid your journey.

Microchurch Course:
Microchurch Networks - A Primer for Multiplying Without a Lot of Money


Here you’ll find “tools of the trade.”

These courses are designed to aid you as you manage teams and momentum. 

They offer practical advantages to communicating your values and vision. You’ll find help with the everyday details of growing a cadre of volunteers partnered with a pathway (for some) into church multiplication. 

Less costly than the Frontline Courses, you’ll find these in both Audio/Video and Audio-only formats. Each comes with companion ebooks and other tools.

How to Hire, Fire and Manage In Between

Your Book as Your Business Card