Church Multiplication in England

An interview with Surekha Hulugale, an IT professional whose company transferred him from Sri Lanka to their head office in London. His home church (which has launched more than 2,100 churches in Sri Lanka, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India) trained him to plant a church after he moved. That church has blossomed into a movement of nearly 50 congregations in England, the Irish Republic, now putting roots into France and Italy.

I’ve been working with Surekha and his team for four years. Got around to interviewing him about:

The podcast covers a lot of ground including…

A. Surekha’s roots in a church multiplication movement coming our of Sri Lanka.

B. How he was trained by his local church to leverage his employment as an IT professional into a missionary opportunity in England.

C. How the proliferation of small churches led by discipleship trained pastors is penetrating the spiritual fog of Europe.

D. The money monster and how they tamed it.

E. Process stuff–the how-to part of a movement that is crossing into cultures from white Brits to African migrants to students from China.

You can catch the 21 minute podcast from the usual outlets. Just search “the Ralph Moore podcast” or click here.