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ralph moore

            Viewing tomorrow’s uncertanty through the lenses of experience and history…

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You'll glean wisdom from someone who walks in your shoes (for more than five decades). I began discipling young boys when I was just 19-years-old. The experiences gathered in three direct plants and 2,400+ multiplied churches encompass anything you might encounter.


I view the world through a lens of church multiplication theology and culture. Theology and values are foundations for culture. Get your culture down, and everything else gets more comfortable. You’ll learn to overcome roadblocks and tensions facing every would be disciplemaking/multiplying leader.


We live in tumultuous times. You’ll learn to quickly pivot while adapting newly invented technology to an ancient mission. Biblical narratives and practices hold the keys to leadership advancement and rapid multiplication when the Church is under stress and out of favor.


You'll glean insight from leaders facing similar problems and opportunities as yourself. My membership in your private Facebook group also opens doors to Q&A. Live Call members are doubly vital as each discussion impacts the production of future materials.

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Weekly Blog with Parallel YouTube Video
Peer-driven Podcast Each Week
Access to Sermon Library
Bi-monthly Coaching Videos
PowerPoint for Re-teaching Coaching Material
Private Facebook Group
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Monthly Members Only Zoom Call
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DEVELOPING NATIONS PACKAGE: If you live outside the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan or Singapore you can access the Standard Coaching material at a steep discount.  CLICK HERE for more information.


In addition to the blog and podcast, I’ve been counseling church teams at a price few can afford. The majority of church plants come from leaders of smaller churches. I’ve decided to focus my efforts in the direction of startup churches and smaller congregations. I also want to provide useful bits of help for church leaders in developing nations where money can be scarce, and internet access is often expensive.

You’ll gain insight to your rapidly changing world as I share wisdom accrued over five decades of change and tumult. Where others stumble over obstacles, I usually spot hidden opportunities to innovate.

Content will progress in a somewhat linear fashion with each module below, lasting between 4 and 7 weeks, depending on the need/interest. 

  • Embedding Multiplication Deep into Your Church Culture
  • How to Plant/Launch Microchurches: A Primer for Leveraging Your Influence
  • How to Start and Lead a Church in the Post-Evangelical Era
  • Keep the Main Things the Main Things: Learning to Maximize Your Time Without Destroying Your Life
  • Deep and Wide: Building Solid Bible Knowlege Without Boring People to Death
  • Coaching for Leverage: Clutching the Opportunity to Leverage Your Gifts in Others
  • Start Now to Leave a Legacy that Will Outlive You
  • Maximizing Multiplication: Facing the Tensions Which Keep Most Leaders from the Prize
  • Flex and Pivot to Embrace New Technology While Retaining a Biblical Mission and Strategy
  • Bulletproofing Your Church: Learning to Avoid the People and Pitfalls that Defeat Church Planters
  • Marriage and Ministry: Helping a Pastor’s Spouse Keep Meaning in Family, Church and Extended Ministry
  • Your Money: Achieving Financial Freedom on A Pastor’s Salary
  • Write That Book: Why and How Every Church Planter Can and Should Write a Semi-autobiography
  • Hire, Fire and Manage in Between: Strategies and Tools to Ensure the Success of Those Who Work with You
  • Church Money: How to Stay Out of Jail, Out of the News and In Trust with Your People

PLUS: Bonus Content (click here to view bonus materials)

I began discipling/coaching four middle-school boys when I was just 19 years old. Those four morphed into a youth group where we ran a rudimentary disciplemaking program. It was a useful but scattered approach to making disciples. Also, we operated as knowledge gleaning programs learning amid deeper relationships – there is a big difference between the two processes.

After planting the first Hope Chapel, in 1971, I found myself making disciples relationally, but in a hodge-podge manner. Fruitful, but lacking integration and not the best use of time. 

Several years later, I learned to make disciples around pre-arranged content–either a sermon or a chapter from a book. Our team then determined to coach in groups rather than individually. From there, we built a “disciplemaking continuum” involving hundreds of people in aligned and synchronized coaching groups. After this, church multiplication became a slam dunk.

After “retiring,” and with the advent of Zoom, I’ve coached leaders and teams for a few large churches. That’s great, and the results are satisfying. However, I want to offer what I can to the leaders of smaller congregations and newly planted churches. One particular concern is for our friends in developing nations – I’ve taught repeatedly in just under 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe. Many live under the twin shadows of persecution and poverty. One aspect of this regimen is to deliver quality help at a low cost.

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