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NEW TO 5IVE: Starting A Level Five Multiplying Church (Free from Exponential)

Todd Wilson wrote, “Ralph Moore and Jeff Christopherson have poured 70-plus years of multiplication experience into this amazing new resource for leaders! New to Five: Starting a Level 5 Multiplying Church should be mandatory reading for anyone and everyone involved in church planting. I believe it’s one of those watershed works that church experts will look back on in 10 years and conclude it was a key catalyst in seeing the percentage of churches in the United States that ever reproduce increase from less than 4 percent to greater than 10 percent.”

Why it takes monomaniacs on a mission to change the world.

  • How to identify your DNA as a potential church multiplier
  • How to start at Level 5 on day one (I did it on a beach with no place to rent for services)
  • Tools for breaking through inevitable barriers.
  • What you need to guarantee success to those you disciple and send.



LET GO OF THE RING: The Hope Chapel Story

Ed Stetzer wrote, “I‘ve been in more than a few meetings with Ralph. Sometimes they are discussions–and he loves to discuss–but his comments… come back to the same issue again and again. He wants to talk about making disciples who live boldly for Christ.”

Let Go of the Ring is about God choosing to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things! This semi-autobiographic book challenges you to believe in others when others normally wouldn’t, to pursue God’s adventures. Learn how a frightened church planter stumbled into multiplying 2,300+ churches. You’ll never understand how Ralph Moore or the Hope Chapel movement work unless you read this book.

You will learn, 1.The organic nature of making disciples through relationships. 2. Just how little material support you need to plant a church. 3. The power of God to turn broken lives into strong tools of his grace. 4. Why a promise “to love you… as is!” is important to the spread of the gospel. 5. Next steps in your own life.  READ MORE



STARTING A NEW CHURCH: The Church Planter’s Guide To Success

Rick Warren wrote: “Wisdom in print… this book works. this book is no theory, it works. God has used Ralph’s ministry to bring thousands to Christ and to start hundreds of churches. I just wish he’d written it years before I struggled through my first years of planting Saddleback. Reading it could have spared me from a lot of mistakes.”

Steve Ogne wrote: “Ralph’s great wisdom is communicated as he shares stories from his vast church planting experiences. Ralph identifies three impediments to rapid multiplication of the church: required seminary training, a dedicated builting for church services and full-time remuneration for pastors. He offers practical insights and solutions for each one. A must read for anyone considering church planting.”

The book is pragmatic without being cynical. It is literally a launch-pad for a new church–perhaps even a movement.

You will learn, 1. What to do before you ask for money. 2. The importance of a pre-launch team. 3. Necessary relationships–a plan you may not yet understand. 4. How to leverage your vision to attract more people. 5. How to begin life as a reproducing church.   READ MORE


YOU CAN MULTIPLY YOUR CHURCH: One Journey To Radical Multiplication (Free from Exponential)

Written for, this book is a short course in the possibilities, often dormant, in every congregation in the world. The examples will keep you awake thinking about what could happen if you decide to multiply your church.

Bill Easum identifies seven lessons from his interaction with Ralph:

  • Lesson One: Too much control and not enough passion is deadly.
  • Lesson Two: Church planting isn’t the issue.
  • Lesson Three: It takes time to prepare a planter.
  • Lesson Four: Small groups are the best incubators of church planters.
  • Lesson Five: The church planting movement can’t wait on formal education for its planters.

When asked about why multiplication is happening all over the world except the U.S. Ralph quickly responded, “The U.S. puts too much emphasis on megachurches. This takes time away from discipleship. It costs a lot of money to be mega.” FREE BOOK: READ MORE


MAKING DISCIPLES: Developing Lifelong Followers Of Jesus

Steve Murrell wrote, “Simple. Biblical. Practical. Ralph Moore’s books are some of the finest discipleship, leadership and church-planting tools available today. Like all great writers, Ralph’s life tells the same story as his books. If you want to be equipped and inspoired to be a disciple and make disciples, Making Disciples is for you.”

Steve Addison wrote, “The Western Church needs a radical intervention to reverse its current trend of decline. Ralph Moore is a modern-day prophet whose direct and, at times, abrasive style will work like sandpaper to peel back the layers that prevent the Church from fullfilling its mission. He callus out in a righteous way, back to discipleship, and I applaud him for it.”

This is one of the most practical books on disciplemaking in print today. While disciplemakers never move beyond an agenda of personal spiritual growth, this book links disciplemaking with church planting and multiplication.

Ralph believes that the church may fail in Western culture if we don’t begin multiplying churches on a scale that we haven’t seen since the first three century of church history. It is this motivation that has taught him to reproduce disciples capable of reproduction of others for several generations. You’ll learn,

  • Why every Christian is called into the Great Commission.
  • The “how to” part of effective disciplemaking that produces reproducing disciples (and churches).
  • Who should disciple you.
  • The place for ordinary friendships in disciplemaking.    READ MORE

BEFORE YOU LAUNCH: Pain Killers For Church Planters

Understand the fundamental relationships you need to build within your launch team and how they can ensure success for the new church. In fact, if you play it right, you might even launch a movement.

1. Just why a healthy church plant is the result of effective disciplemaking before you do anything else.
2. Some simple tools to make your relationships pay big dividends.
3. How the author stumbled into church multiplication, and how you can get setup for it intentionally–before you ever plant your first church.
4. That you can prevent the pain some church planters (including the author) suffered.
5. How the New Testament can help you devise a simple reproducible structure for making disciples effectively.
6. Why you better make disciples before considering a new church plant.
7. How you can build a sure-to-succeed launch team.
8. Crucial preparations for the big day when you bring your baby to the community.
9. Why some numbers really do count (they are NOT the ones you think they are). READ MORE


HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR CHURCH: The Most Effective Way To Grow

Jack Hayford wrote, “The practical wisdom and no-nonsense frankness of Ralph Moore’s leadership style shines throughout this book. He is a twenty-first century church planter who has found how to lead with a mindset and capability consistent with the Holy Spirit’s tactics in the New Testament. I know no more effective current model as a pastoral advocate for and dynamic practitioner of church planting than him.”

Neil Cole wrote, “This book will inspire you with Ralph Moore’s heartbeat for church planting, but more importantly with God’s desire to multiply churches around the world. This is a book about vision and hope… You will be stirred to believe in God-shaped possibilities for multiplying congregations and even church-planting movements. you will find practical, down-to-earth advice written in a winsome, engaging way. You’ll love this book, just like I did.”

Tony and Felicity Dale wrote, “Ralph Moore again demonstrates shy he is one of the leading voices in the missional movement. How to Multiply Your Church addresses a key oversight in many church-planting conversations: the multiplication strategy of the church. This book could become a standard for students, church planters, pastors and leaders who believe God can radically change the landscape of our world through His Church.” READ MORE


UNSTUCK: You Can Beat Anxiety (Ebook only)

This is one of two books that Ralph Moore wrote after a life-long struggle with anxiety reared up in a panic attack that left him sleepless for several nights. Life hurts, but we too often chase mice rather than lions.  You’ll discover:
1. Why you feel this way.
2. What causes anxiety.
3. Why Christian leaders hurt.
4. How to cope with anxiety.
5. How you can let God do your worrying for you.

A Honolulu psychiatrist wrote, Pastor Ralph writes exceptionally well on this hot topic in his usual self-disclosing, humble style. We are foreigners and outsiders until we go home to be with the Lord, so there should be anxious and worrisome moments along the way. And yet, we were promised life abundantly, so why not do everything possible to expel any overwhelming anxiety? ”   READ MORE


DEFEATING ANXIETY: Overcoming Fear Before It Overwhelms You!

Steve Sjogren wrote, Ralph Moore has hit it out of the ballpark with his new book! I’ve read other of his books and they’ve all been very helpful, but here he gets into a much deeper, more personal side of things than anything he’s written before. Defeating Anxiety is an empowering gift both for the permission he gives to readers and for the courage he imparts. Good stuff. This is definitely a worthwhile read.

Are you hassled by fears, worry or panic attacks? Do you toss and turn at night unable to shut your mind off long enough to fall asleep? Do you suffer panic over your health, job, family, money, or relationships? Do you war against timidity, self-doubt or general feelings of insecurity? Anxiety is our most treated disorder.

Do others make you feel guilty for taking medications that get you through your day? Or do you somehow feel “weak” for needing outside help to treat anxiety and depression?Could you use a dose of humor and practical tools to help you relieve anxiety? Would you like to learn how to “talk-back” to your doctor in order to get the help you need? Would you benefit from simple tips for re-gaining sleep? Want to know how to keep multi-tasking from making you crazy? READ MORE



THE ONE BOOK EVERY PASTOR MUST WRITE (Kindle version at Amazon, or as a FREE pdf from this site)

With over half the churches in America numbering fewer than 100 people they are the NORM. But, they don’t need to stay the way they are. A pastor can bring focus, unity and new enthusiasm to a church by writing a book that clearly delineates where his church is heading. And it costs you nothing if you use Amazon’s publishing tools. What’s FREE for you makes them money–even if they only sell a few copies.

Outline your vision, values and mission. Then throw in a little of the pastor’s personal history along with some pictures (of pastor and people) and you can create a navigational tool leading to a brighter future (My book, Let Go Of The Ring is my version of this tool).

The book you will write will serve you in many ways:

  • It can rally a congregation around its pastor’s vision and mission.
  • It presents your mission and purpose in terms that help people know where they fit.
  • It is a great gift for newcomers, quickly cementing them to your church and its mission.
  • It can turn a single church into a church-planting organism. READ MORE

YOU COULD WRITE FOR AMAZON: First Steps For Beginning Authors

Roger Thrower wrote, “He’s done it again…If you are acquainted with Ralph Moore then you know that he is not only a decent guy, but a gifted multiplier of life in the Kingdom of God through raising up disciples and planting churches. Well, Ralph is doing it again. He is motivating us to multiply what we’ve been given by writing our story to inspire others. This is the most practical help an aspiring writer can receive. Thank you Ralph for paving the way.”

Amazon built two separate publishing companies for first-time authors, with small audiences. Both are FREE for authors.
Conventional publishers can’t afford to invest in a book that might sell fewer than 2,000 copies. Because of Kindle and CreateSpace, “print on demand,” Amazon can make money by printing a single copy of your book.
Do you have a great story, but a limited audience? Would your story benefit even just a few hundred people? If so, keep reading…this book is for you!

You could distribute it as an ultra-effective business card!

Every candidate for US President begins their campaign by writing a book. In a world of sound-bites a book gives a person an opportunity to share their life, emotions, vision and values with an audience.
This short book hovers over three goals: A. To show what Amazon can do for you. B. To hold your hand while we get your thoughts into a readable format. C. To teach you the ins and outs of Amazon’s tools for publishing and marketing your stuff.  READ MORE

Still More Books:

For more of Ralph Moore’s scribbling, check his author page on Amazon.






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