Do you want to help change the world? I hope so, because it could really use your help right now.

Problems as old as sex slavery still crop up in American society, not to mention racism, homelessness and a general apathy toward God.

You can, and should make a difference. If you are reading these words it’s because you’ve dedicated your life to making disciples of nations and teaching people the wonders of our God. If that is you, you probably also feel some disappointment deep inside.

You’ve paid a price to serve the Lord. You were mentored, maybe even put out big bucks for a seminary education. You work hard but don’t see the results you wish for (maybe you even envy someone else who does). You know ministry shouldn’t take a toll on your family, but it does. There may never seem to be quite enough resources to match your vision and people you work with don’t quite share your understanding of God and all he offers them.

In truth, ministry shouldn’t be such hard work. Disciplemaking and church multiplication ought to be easier and life as a leader shouldn’t be so difficult.

I’ve been in your shoes and I think I can help you. I’d like the privilege of sharing experience and insights with you as I do a host of other leaders. This portal is dedicated to leaders who believe we can accomplish the Great Commission and are looking for a little guidance along the way. What you get out of it is any practical help I can give. What I get is an opportunity to give back by investing in your future. I hope we can share some meaningful moments as you read, watch and listen to the content you’ll find here…

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