Mission Hope Update

     These days travel outside the country for Ralph is mostly by Zoom. This year includes Australia, Japan and England. 

     Church multiplication is on the front burner in these places.

     Thanks to those of you who prayed (and those who wrote notes of support) for praying as I struggled with the book I’m writing. The specific request was that I could complete the outline in seven days. That was a big request because I tend to overstuff an outline and had already worked for five weeks to slim it to a working tool. The good news is that it was finished on the seventh day from when I asked for prayer. And, I just completed the rough draft of chapter six of 13.

     The other bit of news is bad and good.

The bad part is that Ruby and I were unable to travel to England for the annual training I do there. She injured her left knee in February and could not have stood in the long lines to get a clean COVID test to return to the United States. Worse, two days after we cancelled the government lifted the restriction (a clean COVID test on the day of the flight).

     The good news is that we did the conference by Zoom. Not as good as being there but it went very well with lots of time for Q&A. And we had hoped to limit the crowd to just 12 people–more than 60 participated. They recorded it and it’s being cut into sections so they can use the teaching for ongoing leadership development.

     We’re seeing microchurches popping up everywhere we look. The pandemic took its toll on legacy churches with many closing. People with experience leading small groups in those churches are carrying the ball downfield in homes, parks and even garages. 

     Jesus is still on the throne and his church will prevail.

The Team

     Ralph Moore currently travels to Japan, England and the U.S. coaching startup church multipliers. Aaron Suzuki, John Honold and Randy Ishida also serve on the all-volunteer team.

     For many years these people traveled the world training church planters but age has caught up to Ralph, limiting his time on airplanes. He now mostly touches leaders via the tools found on this website (actually four sites functioning as one).

     In past decades, Ralph has taught and coached in The Philippines, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Japan, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, England and the United States.

     The results are stunning. A church multiplication movement has grown out of his work (and books) in Mongolia, moving the needle to nearly five percent of the population up from just over one percent in 2000. The movement he serves in England grew from 16 churches to nearly 60 in the past eight years. This is bearing fruit.

The Driving Factor

     Research demonstrates that evangelism is more rapid during the first ten years of a new church than at any other time. Church planting is the best evangelistic tool in history.

     His primary focus is on disciples making disciples (beginning with pastors as central to the disciple-making process) and churches planting churches.

     Utilizing a simple microchurch based model churches across the globe are multiplying in an era when the church in the United States shrinks rapidly. But even in this country, those churches that make disciples and reproduce others swim effectively against the tide.

New Opportunities

     Some churches we work with now touch ten times the number of people they did before the pandemic. Microchurch networks show growth. With one that launched just before the pandemic now numbering 24 small congregations in several countries. These began mostly online but now meet face-to-face. One friend had planted an online church for computer gamers before the crisis. During lockdown the group has grown to more than 250 people – online gamers are a crowd not usually associated with churches or the gospel. They are literally being discipled into a relationship with Jesus. Continues Below

Prayer and Praise

Continued prayer for Randall Ishida, a valued team member currently battling stage four cancer. 

The cause for praise is that experimental drugs are stretching Randy’s glide. He continues to disciple a microchurch planter (whom he has only met digitally). More than 20 new churches have emerged since April. As other groups hear of this they are asking for help. At least three churches have popped up in Nairobi in the past few weeks as a result of one man in Hawaii discipling another halfway around the planet using  WhatsApp on his phone.

– Please pray that the latest book project gets finished by the mid-August deadline for January publication (working title, “Equipping Church Members for Evangelism in a Post-Christian Environment). It will be distributed at no cost through Exponential.org.

– Pray for Ruby as she gets surgery on her knee a couple of weeks from now. She’s in constant pain, can’t walk far or stand long. She even struggles to sleep.

“But life is worth nothing unless we use it for doing the work assigned us by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about God’s mighty kindness and love”
Acts 20:24

A Softer, Less Building-Centric Approach

     We’re training leaders to take a softer approach to evangelism, to avoid overdependence on weekend sermons and to engage people around prayer and “spirituality” before ever getting into scripture. While our culture drifts into increasing rejection of Christianity, individuals still respond to love and patience.

     Donations are still very much appreciated as we spend a surprising amount of money for hardware and software in order to adapt to the opportunities as they unfolded. We’re now touching far more people each year than we did before the pandemic.         

      If you choose to donate you can use the button below or mail to

           Mission Hope International, PO Box 6434 Kaneohe, HI 96744.